SOLHO has developed an innovative energy system called SPRHOUT (Solar PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid Unit), the most effective renewable solution to power greenhouse farms.

By using solar power and thanks to an innovative Thermal Energy Storage (TES) unit (TESMOD), the SPRHOUT enables the complete energy self-sufficiency of a greenhouse farm and up to 100% operational savings, thus opening the door to unparalleled growth opportunities for manufacturers, owners, and developers of greenhouse farms.


The SPRHOUT system operates harvesting solar energy in the solar field and storing it in the form of heat in the TESMOD unit. The stored energy is withdrawn when needed to heat up the greenhouse and/or to be converted into cooling by means of a thermal driven chiller and/or to be converted into electricity by means of the power unit. The SPRHOUT features a backup unit (e.g., a biogas or fossil fuel burner) which makes up for missing solar input and guarantees 100% redundancy minimizing the risks for the crop. 


Greenhouse farms in areas with unreliable infrastructure

Save up to 90% of OPEX

Reduce CO2 emissions up to 100%

size-scalable concept

Remote operation and assistance

Profitable: PBT < 5 years

Resilient to the volatility in fuel prices

Technology validated in operational environment

Proprietary advanced control

Unique TES unit