SOLHO services

Feasibility study

Prior to the design of the SPRHOUT SOLHO can perform a feasibility study. Considering the ambient data of the specific location and the greenhouse energy consumption, our in-house software delivers a clear indication of the SPRHOUT characteristics and yearly performances. The results are presented in the form of a technical report with an overview of the best techno-economic solution.

Project management

SOLHO is in charge of the whole project management. We provide a single point of contact during the construction and integration of the SPRHOUT with the greenhouse farm. The project manager is the reference point between the construction team and the engineering team from SOLHO.

Energy management

Once the project is completed, SOLHO offers its software for smart monitoring and control of the SPRHOUT. The software allows maximizing energy generation following the energy requirements of the greenhouse facility while minimizing maintenance. Our IoT solution guarantees the safe autonomous operation of the SPRHOUT while keeping the operating costs, maintenance and environmental impact of food production to a minimum.