Secure funds for SOLHO proof of concept

18, December 2017

SOLHO received funds from the NWO and the Zuid-Holland Province to develop SOLHO's Proof of Concept. The system is planned to be built and operational by the end of 2018.

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EU-top 50 Millenial start-up

28, November 2017

SOLHO was selected among the EU Top 50 Millenial start-ups. We had the opportunity to pitch our vision at the Hemicycle European parliament, and we got honored by the US-based philanthropic organization IEEE.

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Secure first seed funds

10, October 2017

SOLHO is now part of the Climate-KICaccelerator program Stage I

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Among the top-10 clean-tech startups

25, September 2017

SOLHO was honored to be selected among the top-10 clean-tech start ups at the event and be able to pitch at the EnergyFest at the Shell Technology center in Amsterdam.

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Yes!Delft - Incubation Program

10, June 2017

After a tough selection, SOLHO joined the Yes!Delft incubation program

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