Adriano and Emiliano


Boosting the transitions towards sustainable food provision In 30 years from now, there will be 2 B more people living in the so-called sun belt region. Agriculture will have to double food production to sustain the global population, with fewer resources and lower environmental impact. No technology exists to achieve this target. We founded SOLHO to bridge this gap.

We developed an innovative system called SPRHOUT (Solar-PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT). The SPRHOUT uses Sun and available water sources (e.g., sea or sewage) to generate all the streams required to operate a greenhouse facility: electricity, heating/cooling, fresh water, and CO2.

The SPRHOUT key features are:

75% reduction in CO2 emission

Off-grid, no need for electricity grid or gas network

24/7 operation thanks to unique storage capabilities

90% operational savings compared to current solutions

We developed the novel concepts behind SOLHO technology in 2015. In 2017, we incorporated SOLHO as a BV in The Netherlands. We are currently finalizing the design of the SPRHOUT proof of concept to be operational by August 2018 in France.

We believe SOLHO technology can help the transition towards sustainable food provision, ensuring a safer future for Humanity.

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Adam Head


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Nicolo Pascutti

Chemical engineer

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Clement Decugis

Mechanical engineer

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Sribalaji C. Anand

Control engineer

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Anthony Charré

Electrical engineer