A solar off-grid energy system
to power greenhouse-based horticultural projects

Why we do this

Source: World Bank

Agriculture will have to double food production by 2050 to feed 9 billion people with fewer resources and with less or no environmental damage.

The greenhouse (GH) industry has the potential to revolutionise the way we think about farming.

Due to the various energy demands of GH facilities, relying solely on the utility is often not possible and economically or environmentally ideal

How we do it

SOLHO proposes an innovative and fully off-grid energy system called SPRHOUT (Solar PoweRed Horticultural Off-grid UniT) that, using solar power and thanks to a thermal energy storage system, fulfils the needs of a Greenhouse based horticultural projects.


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Latest News

  • December 2017
    Secure funds for SOLHO proof of concept
    SOLHO received funds from the NWO and the Zuid-Holland Province to develop SOLHO's Proof of Concept. The system is planned to be built and operational by the end of 2018.
  • November 2017
    EU-top 50 Millenial start-up
    SOLHO was selected among the EU Top 50 Millenial start-ups. We had the opportunity to pitch our vision at the Hemicycle European parliament, and we got honoured by the US-based philanthropic organization IEEE.
  • October 2017
    Among the top-10 clean-tech startups
    SOLHO was honored to be selected among the top-10 clean-tech start ups at the NewEnergyChallenge event and be able to pitch at the EnergyFest at the Shell Technology center in Amsterdam.
  • October 2017
    Secure first seed funds
    SOLHO is now part of the Climate-KIC accelerator program Stage I
  • June 2017
    Incubation Program
    After a tough selection, SOLHO joined the Yes!Delft incubation program

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